So we are all waiting for the least bit of information about what David is up to. We read his tweets and speculate about his songwriting, hope for a tour and watch for any sign of an upcoming appearance. We are making ourselves a little crazy. So while we wait and wait and wait, maybe we could rejoice in the gifts and skills of David’s fans.

Recently, while wandering through Youtube, I noticed a large number of David Archuleta Tribute videos created by fans, and very good ones at that. The time and love put into these videos is obvious, and the range of styles is indicative of the fanbase itself – diverse!

Ranging from those that use David’s own songs to those that play something that speaks to the producer’s heart, many musical genre’s are represented. Some fans use still photos and produce a wonderful montage of David. Others play with splicing together pieces of performance videos in such a way as to capture all the glorious or cute or intense moments David gives us on stage.

So in tribute to those fans – I’m posting a few here to get started, but I’d love to see your favorites, too.

I must start with the Tribute video that has gone a bit viral on the internet by KylieWyoti – The Elevator Video!

Next, I stumbled across this Tribute by pabuckie and loved the combination of song and photos.

Here’s a high quality video to Who I Am” by MaryLoveArchie:

Searching back in time, one of my all-time favorites is The Vulnerable Man by StrangerPhilosophy (otherwise known as Angelica)

What is your favorite Fan Tribute? I know I missed many new ones, so let’s give some props to the producers among us!