David @ COS Book Signing held at Powerbooks, 19 July cr National Bookstore

DALIM3 got more cra-ZEH when it was announced – only on the 17th that David would have a book signing and two more M&G events! That made all the difference for most local Archies who were unable to meet David during the 1st M&G cos the Event Center at SM Megamall could no longer accommodate more people that afternoon. Plus the fact that David had a loooong line-up of interviews set-up that night — and that was just his 1st day in Manila! So the additional events were most welcome.

But no Archie in his/her right mind would pass up the chance, right? Consider these:

  • Lining up at 6am for a 2pm book signing
  • Queuing as early as 5am for a meet & greet pass
  • Taking days off from work just to attend DALIM3
  • Sneaking off from work to get your COS signed (that’s not me! LOL)
  • Negotiating with parents, “yaya” & co-Archies to get an assured spot in any of the possible meet & greets
  • Going to these M&Gs, even if you’ve had your chance on the 17th, just to get a glimpse of David…

Cra-zeh? Naaah! That’s par for the course and you guys should know it! Let’s watch the related videos for the remaining days of David in Manila. I added a couple of special stories about an Archie who flew all the way from Australia and from another Archie, this time based in Cebu, who could not make it in Manila


Book Signing @ Powerbooks sponsored by NBS, 19 July 2011

David’s Arrival & Short Talk before actual book signing

Vee of Australia asking David to sign her son’s pix holding a COS!

More booksigning footage

by lormie

by mayz5293

by rhealegaspi

by TheSamSantos

by TheArielDavid


… I want you guys

photo credit to SuperBuknoyFOD

to know that I am no better than any of you.

I’d like you to know that I love to do music but that doesn’t mean I am more talented than you or anything …

The only reason why I feel I was able to do what I love to do is that I have good people behind me and good support – people who believe in me…

You can do it, too – whatever that may be…


Special Mission on Behalf of VLM/Marisol

There is one special Archie in Cebu, Philippines. Her name is Marisol but she goes by the name of VLM across fan sites.

She was unable to come to Manila. But she sent this HUGE box of goodies for David and company – full of dried mangoes and pastries that she baked herself. I have been a lucky recipient of her baked goodies so I know what was in store for David and company 🙂

Since she cannot be in Manila, she asked me to confirm from David or Jeff that they indeed got the box. While waiting for my turn, I saw Jeff just standing in a corner. So I took that chance to approach him and ask about VLM’s box of goodies. Upon mentioning the box from Cebu, Jeff’s eyes became so excited and frantically asked who VLM was. YIPEEE! CONFIRMATION! They got VLM’s gift! Jeff said David and company were so thrilled upon seeing the box, not to mention the goodies that it contained. He said David and the band savored VLM’s baked goodies that I have no doubt she prepared with utmost TLC 🙂

When it was my turn to have my book signed, my encounter with David went like this:

      Me: Hi David!


      DA: Oh hello!

(I think he recognized me, LOL)

      Me: Thank you for the wonderful concert. You were fantastic!

(take note, I was prattling like it was nobody’s business cos the OV staff kept on prodding people to move faster)

      DA: Oh am glad you enjoyed it

(with that mega-watt smile)


(while David was signing)

      Ummm, David? I already mentioned this to your Dad but I’d like you to know that the huge box that you received last Sunday was from your avid fan from Cebu by the name of Marisol

(almost out of breath).

(He suddenly whipped his head cos he was signing with his head slanted to the right but the NBS people were already prodding me to move on cos David finished signing my book)

DA: Wait! Who? Who? What? (He held on to my book)
Me: The box of goodies was from your fan from Cebu – from Marisol and she asked me to ask you if you got it.
DA: Yes OMGOSH! (with those wonderful hazel eyes growing larger by the second!) We were so surprised when we saw it in our room! Is she here?
Me: No, unfortunately she could not come but it would mean a lot for her to know that you got her gift and that you liked it.

(showing sadness that Marisol was not in the group – awwwwwww, my heart sank when I saw how he reacted)

DA: Oohh, that’s too bad. Please tell her thank you SO much, that was SO nice of her. I couldn’t…. (DA grappling for words) Please tell her that was a wonderful surprise. I hope to meet her someday.
Me: She will surely love to hear that! (bursting with glee) I will tell how much you appreciated her gift. Thank you David.
DA: No, thank you!

(Shook his hands once again as he handed me my book. Then he looked at the OV staff as if to signal that now I can be ushered out of the line-up) Whoah! Archuleta’s the man! Tee-hee

Me: Take care always…
DA: Awww, thanks. (HUGE smile)

To this day I still could not believe we had that exchange! VLM would be thrilled! But I think I owe VLM a whole lot more for the extended face-time (chuckles)

With one more look at you…

I started circling the bookstore, looking for Vee. It was only then that I realized I was shaking so I sat for a while.

Vee found me eventually. We had to leave the book signing early cos I was to take her to the airport and retrieve an ID I left with Special Security during the airport welcome. David arrived an hour later than the scheduled book signing cos he still had to do a series of press interviews (Hmmmm… I wonder when those interviews will be posted). So Vee and I were a bit worried about our time.

On our way out, I met Mamang, the 80 year-old fan of David from Bulacan. Was so thrilled that she’d be meeting David once again.

Mamang meeting David again: This is why it is everything & more

As we passed by the glass-paneled walls outside of Powerbooks, I could see David approaching Mamang for a photo souvenir.

I took one more breath for good measure and slowly exhaled my mute goodbye at the young man who would never know how he literally turned my world upside down (weak smile)

Later on I found out that David left Powerbooks very shortly thereafter, so I didn’t miss much. So they say.

Miss much… such a relative phrase.


Meet & Greet @ SM SouthMall, 19 July 2011

by yojan17

by superbuknoyFOD

by levibatac03

DA signing CDs by levibatac03

DA leaving SouthMall by levibatac03


Meet & Greet @ SM San Lazaro, 20 July 2011

M&G footage by spicerack04

DA singing EAM acapella @ SonyMusicPhils

more to come – I have videos still to upload!


All of these events share the same unmistakable scenario whenever David visits Manila – early line-ups, long queues, hysterical screams, festive mood, jovial sharing, music in the air and lots and lots of Archuloving!



01 Booksigning @ Powerbooks from NBS

02 Book signing Pix from Naree

03 M&G @ SM Southmall

04 M&G @ SM San Lazaro


05 M&G San Lazaro Pix thanks to ferj


Postscript: A funny thing happened on our way to the airport. When Vee and I were approaching NAIA – in the midst of talking about who else? – Vee & I had this exchange:

Approaching the forked road (arrival/departure) to the airport —

Me: Vee, arrival, right?
Vee: Of course, arrival! (with that tone of DUH! Whatchathinking?!)

DEAD SILENCE FOR A SOME TIME as we climb the flyover to the arrival area

Me/Vee: (shouting) No! No! No! What do you mean arrival?! Why are we here?!!! Bahahahahaha!
Me: You said arrival!
Vee: Well you asked arrival!
Me/Vee: What the heck are we doing, bahahahahahaha

[Note to self: DO NOT discuss DA when traversing unfamiliar territories]