So when did you first fall in love…

with David?

shoparound2For me, it was “Shop Around.”  I came late to the party.  I had never watched AI before (and haven’t watched it since).  But when I saw him sing “Shop Around,” my world shifted.  Damn!  Who was this kid?  Here was this Mormon boy from Murray who didn’t look like any Mormon guy I had grown up with – that’s for sure.  He was sassy, his voice grabbed my heart, he was from a different generation.  He was from a time when a voice mattered, when the emotion in a song mattered, when the uncluttered, un-autotuned voice was the medium and the message.

This is a strong love that endures.  Who the heck is this kid that he has such power over otherwise reasonable, rational people?

“Shop Around” FTW.

When was your “fall-in-love” moment?

~ davidfanLIZ