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A Universal Truth

An Archie aches to see David Archuleta up-close. To hear the dulcet tone directly from that 9th wonder of a voice box; to watch him emphasize a point with his hands not through a small screen; to be rendered speechless by the lethal ArchuGaze. And if Lady Luck is on one’s side, to have his autograph or a photo taken with him.

Am no different, esp since am a long-distance admirer. But am told am more realistic than most people. So I stay thankful that I had seen David perform live at least once.

The crux of my story is this: Gratitude is what got it started. Being thankful provided the twist. And am convinced being grateful will keep similar stories multiplying.

  • A week Pre-DALIM2.0 – While figuring out a way to get into one of David’s interview sessions, I received the most delicious surprise – an invite to David’s presscon. Needless to say, I was over the moon with the prospect. I thought to myself, I could cover the event and provide precious videos for all Archies around the world. And the set-up couldn’t be more than perfect! He’d be on stage and I’d be across the room, a good safe distance. Heck, what with all the stories you get from other Archies, I actually fear the ArchuGaze! So a safe distance is my BFF.
  • The Archies here in Manila prayed for the travel advisory alert to be lifted so David’s visit could be finalized. Naturally my prayer had an additional clause. YAY for prayers! But little did I know that the invite would shape up to be more than I ever imagined. A week later…

  • 16Nov eve – Final meeting w/ local Archies. ASCPHIL who posts at TheVoice arrived. She was with Team SkyDome. Then, she teased me about a comment posted by SilverFox (SF). I had no idea what she was referring to. Office work was crazy, it had been a week since I surfed the fansites (except at TDC). ASCPhil said SF thanked me over at TheVOICE. Well SF is a dear, dear archie friend and she has been very kind and complimentary to me.
  • That night I finally found time to check my personal inbox. SF sent one with the subject line: “Sorry if I Overstepped”. Now THAT GOT my attention. I rushed to TheVOICE to find out what the fuzz was. It didn’t take long – I was bawling over what SF had written. Ay mi amiga! See what you made me do!

    Another Universal Truth

    It has been said that an up-close and personal ArchuEncounter is like no other. So another universal truth is for Archies to wish upon other Archies to have the same experience. In SF’s comment at TheVoice, she prayed that I get to spend some precious time with David. Moreover, she asked TheVoice and SnowAngelz to join her on this fervent wish.

    Though I think SF usually gives me more credit than I deserve, I always welcome her heartfelt appreciation. But more than the thanks and the special mention of my recent circumstances, what got me emotional with her post was the TIMING.

  • 15Nov pm – For earlier that day and shortly after SF posted her wish – still unbeknown to me – I got a text from CS that 1st confused me, then made me shiver, and then got me hyperventilating.
  • CS : For your M&G tomorrow…
    Me : Haha… you mean the presscon. M&G is on the 17th!
    CS : No. I meant as texted.

    I have never looked at a message as intently as I did with the last one. I even blinked hard thinking I might have misread it. Dialling his number, I was so sure we were miscommunicating.

    After a short talk, I was dumbfounded. I was wrong. O.M.G. Aside from the presscon and the SkyDome autograph signing, I was actually going to meet and greet David Archuleta. In private. More than 30 seconds. As Rachel Zoe would say: “Literally, I Died.”

    I didn’t tell anyone. Not at home. Not in the office. Not a word with my friends or other Archies. I was SO afraid to jinx it. But I felt my chest would burst so I called Doc Naree, who hurriedly finished a consultation so we could shriek like school girls over the phone, LOL.

    The Universe Listens

    SF threw her wish for me to the ether. Archies from TheVoice, SnowAngelz & TDC chimed in. They had no sooner root for me than CS thought of surprising me with a bonus M&G. I didn’t think to ask for one. I was content with the presscon invite.

    This one personal inspirational song started playing in my head as I realized what actually transpired.

    When there’s no getting over that rainbow
    When my smallest of dreams won’t come true…

    I truly believe that I got my ArchuMoment because of some thoughtful folks, some who used to people TDC. Nevertheless, we’re still in one big Archie community, looking out for each other. The wonder of prayers. The Universe indeed listens – even for some trivial pursuit such as fangirling….

    Fast Forward to the PressCon

    Remember my BFF, “safe distance”? Well, scratch that cos when we arrived at ManilaPen I was told David wanted a more relaxed & informal set-up for his media day. So instead of one big room like what they had last year, his presscon was held in a small room, the press ushered in by batches. I was put in the 8th batch of about a dozen people. At least I still have the presscon period to compose myself before any up-close encounter, right?

    Scratch that again because upon entering the inner sanctum, I saw lounges & chairs arranged in a semi circle. “Oh my… the whole time, he will be just 2-3 feet away from me. Daaaangerrrrrrrrrrous…”

    When batch 7 completely left, he excused himself to freshen up. That was our cue to take our positions. To calm myself, I reviewed my notes (Why yes I’ve come prepared with questions!) and summoned all common sense to take over for this presscon.

    Anw, I chose to ask about his journal and about future books – so others will know about him making the NY Best sellers list. The guy to my right, from Phil Entertainment Portal was impressed.

    I actually prepared 5 questions. Good thing I mentioned some of them to Sony execs while we were at the airport. When they found out that I was only able to ask one question, they came back to me with the answers. They asked David on my behalf. Wasn’t that neat of them? So here they are

  • Q2: At the start, JIVE and everyone else was so gung-ho with SBL. Shortly after, you promoted Elevator. Except for your radio tour, all promo literally stopped. What’s up with that? Cos the fans are confused, if not frustrated.
      Jive had a change in management, when David didn’t have his own management. WEG is sure to straighten out priorities.
  • Q3: When you had that Elevator dream, you mentioned about being in the middle of choosing management. So why WEG?
      WEG has a track record of successfully taking care of their talents.
  • The other two questions left unanswered were:
    – when can we expect a return of the “Soul Man from Utah” in his music
    – when will he do promos for the huge markets of Japan & Canada.

    “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

    This is a good adage to remember especially this Thanksgiving weekend. And if I had to make a short list of things I am grateful for, it is this: my family’s health and safety, music, and friends-near & far.

    See what your prayers gifted me with —highlights of my upclose & personal encounter? 😉

    Embracing the Artistry

    Judging by the hero’s welcome David received in Singapore and the Philippines, Asia seems to embrace the kind of artistry he offers. With that in mind, I think it’s my turn to toss my own wish to the ether —

    I pray that the US market and its music industry soon develop an ear for David and other artists like him. After all, if the Universe itself listened, couldn’t David’s own turf follow suit?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    – jackryan4DA

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