Where is David

David’s fans are getting anxious because the long two years are almost over, but these last few weeks seem to be the longest, the hardest to experience.  There’s something in the wind; a feeling of anticipation and excitement at his coming home. David has certainly been missed, with fans hanging on to every last video clip or photo from almost anywhere and any time:

  • Fan sites have done retrospectives,
  • We’ve all relived every moment of David’s Idol journey for the last two seasons of AI comparing every poor contestant with our own favorite voice.
  • We’ve watched the entire set of concert videos from the first tour through the Demi tour, the CFTH tour, the Asia tour, the MKOC tour and every concert or performance in the Philippines, especially the Bench concert.
  • We’ve gotten lost in the youtube vortex and lived to tell about it
  • We’ve watched and rewatched vlogs, interviews, book signings
  • And we’ve analyzed every note and nuance of David’s voice

And now, speculation abounds as to whether David has left Chile yet and is already here in the United States. Some think he is still in Chile and won’t be leaving until March 24th. Some think he has already left and is in Utah being debriefed at the MTC. Some think he is here in the US and spending long awaited time with his family.

And on what are these rumors based?

David was said to be leaving Chile “in two weeks” on February 17 in a missionary blog

On March 3rd, @Kariontour tweets, “Oh happy day!

On March 5th we hear that “someone” has followed 7 new people on @DavidArchie’s Twitter account:
Justin Timberlake
The Civil Wars
Harry Connick Jr.
American Idol
Child Fund
Kari Sellards
Gina Orr

It is said there was a video crew in Chile doing video that either David was in or was about David and they have returned to the US.

And now the fandom is wondering….Where in the World is David Archuleta?

What do you think?