Possibly it’s still to come, and far be it from me to admonish The Archuletor, but I confess my patience is being ever-so-slightly tested waiting for David to tweet something about the cancellations.

I realize it hasn’t even been 24 hours, but the speed and accessibility of digital communications today makes hard to justify any silent delay in this case. A simple, “so sorry, guys, it couldn’t be helped,” or some such would have sufficed.

Perhaps Disney instructed David and Demi not to say anything beyond the official announcement, but I don’t suspect David would allow even a multi-billion dollar organization to dictate how he handles his fans. He well knows that many of them are likely to have more than tickets at stake — travel plans and expenses, accommodations, gift purchases… I don’t think Demi’s fans travel the country like Deadheads, but I know David’s fans do.

David, you’re so happy you got your voice back — why not say a little something, hmm?

Update: This was David’s first tweet this morning:

Good morning good morning and how do you do?

Archie… Buddy… We love ya and all that, but you’ll have to do better than this…. 😉