Virtually all of David’s most passionate fans agree that he should stay as far away from Disney as possible, or indeed anything that smacks of a Disney style approach to his image. His brilliant new album cover leaves little doubt that he and his people agree.

One of the interesting advantages of avoiding the Disney taint is that David will actually be better able to maintain his commitment to a respectable public persona without sacrificing authenticity or artistic integrity. Those artists who have had to divest themselves of the long shadow of the Disney brand in order to succeed independently have had to resort to fairly extreme redirection–usually involving overt sexuality–in order to be taken seriously. David, by contrast, has the opportunity to craft his own version of wholesomeness, without having it be a limitation or a liability.

But there may be other reasons why David is not Disney. According to a report released last week, the young Disney performer is a rather specialized individual. David may just simply be… well, too real.