Nathalene is one of our most creative Archies (she and her husband have a design company in California) and was inspired to include David in her contributions to the Imagine Peace Project. So that David could be aware of what had been done in his name, Nathalene put together an absolutely beautiful book commemorating the “wishes” added to one of the project’s initiatives, Wish Trees for Pasadena.

But Nathalene opened her heart even more. Instead of giving the book to David on her own behalf–even though everything comprised her ideas, thoughts, and activities–she invited several of David’s most devoted Internet fan communities to take part in the dedication to David. David is blessed to have an Archie like Nathalene, and we are honored to have her as part of our community here at notingDavid.

Nathalene got a chance to present the book to David yesterday. Here is her wonderful story.

I’m happy to report MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I was able to get it to David at the taping of the Spike Feresten show last night. (Either myself or fellow fan, Monica, will have a full report on

Myself, my BFF Jen, and fellow Archie, Monica, were lucky enough to be in the studio during David’s sound check. We were the only fans there. He saw us there, we waved to him, and stayed out of the way. The check lasted for about 15-20 minutes, and while David met with all the crew, we had a pleasant chat with Jeff. I now know what other people mean when they say that Jeff talks about David just like we do. He thanked us for our support, to which we had to retort back “No. Thank YOU!”.

After the check, one of the production mgrs started to lead David out of the set to go get ready. But they stayed behind us, and we could still see David through the equipment. David was peering through to us as well, so I waved and said “David, I have a gift to you.” He gave me the “oh, ok” look and he obliged to come back to us. So sweet.

I took the book out and started to explain it. Let me just say, I wouldn’t have chosen any better way to give this to him. I was so grateful to be in a quiet, more private setting. But whatever setting it may be, David always gives you his undivided attention. I continued, and he seemed intrigued that it was part of the Imagine Peace Project. Then that same production manager interrupted, telling David that he had to go get ready, but David stayed, and remained so patient with me. I basically ended by saying, “It’s just a simple gesture. It’s all explained in here, if you have time to read it.” And he gave me that signature “Awww, wow, that’s so cool. I will. Thank you so much.” It was very sincere, and I was very honored to give it to him.

After the show, we got to go backstage and we ran into David, Jeff, and David’s family friend (same one from Leno who was with Lauri). She came up to me and told me that David loved it. My heart swelled. As we were getting ready to leave, I gave David one final gift — a retractable sharpie marker. (I always see him using the one with the cap when signing autographs and I can only guess how tedious it gets taking that cap on and off). He looked me dead straight in the eye — a look that kept me in a frozen trance — and said “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

I’d like to think he wasn’t just thanking me for the sharpie.

Thanks to all of you who shared in signing the book with me.


Click in for another pic of David and his new friend, and for a few images from the Imagine book. Thank you, Nathalene, for allowing us to participate.