David has displayed an ability to assess new situations rapidly and incorporate his learning without sacrificing any of his unique characteristics. The challenges involved in working a crowd can be formidable, but after several weeks of performances David has clearly raised his game in this regard. His affection for his home turf in Utah certainly helps, but there is a considerable level of comfort and control in evidence here that offers exciting glimpses of what David is likely to bring to adoring audiences in the years to come. The ‘gosh laughs’ are still there (I hope they never disappear), but now too is some real bravado, and a level of ownership of the stage that we haven’t quite seen before.

I’ve said that when David has dominion, no one can touch him, and here’s a great example, Stand By Me from the Tuesday night show in Salt Lake City. Note how he works the crowd before the number. Becky/ITTO’s videos are also some of the best we’ve seen yet–be sure to check out the rest of her recent posts at YouTube.