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Thanks mamezamd on YouTube for the video

Shop Around David is back. The pressures and gravitas, the need to accomplish something: gone. Pure fun, the sheer joy in performing, that’s what is front-and-center at this performance in Sacramento — even the hand flourishes have returned, and that works for me.

The success of Crush and the decent showing so far of his album have certainly contributed to a well-deserved comfort level with his abilities and potential, but it is undoubtedly the simple fact of getting back where he belongs in front of an audience that has given David the energy that so vividly jumps through the by-now familiar fan-cam.

There is also a terrific moment during “You Can” at the end of the bridge, where he powers out the long note and veritably stuns the crowd into enormous cheers and literally stops the show (these kids are just not accustomed to hearing major vocal talent, especially live, and Jive would be well-advised to acknowledge that age is immaterial in the appreciation of it). He cracks a huge smile, and although he should resist that, it is nevertheless a delightful indulgence in shared pride for his über-fans.

Despite what I still consider to be second-rate material, David is having (apropos to the setting) a ball, and that counts for a lot. I’ve rarely seen his rapport with the audience at a higher pitch, and he looks rockin’ in a t-shirt and vest. If this is what we can expect on his tour, it should be a blast.

Update: Be sure to check out our friend ronaldsf’s I-was-there review here at Snarky’s. Nice work, Ron!