Here’s a delightfully breathless report from JesseQ, one of the earliest of the OAC, of his experience last night at the show in Green Bay. By way of background, Jesse is a great-looking guy in his late twenties, smart, and very funny.

David waved and smiled at me during the concert (totally not kidding)! These girls across the aisle asked me after if I knew him or something, “because he waved at you!!” Hilarious. I was kinda in my own little area with several empty seats around me, so it looked kinda deliberate.

(An acquaintance of Jesse’s was supposed to have arranged for a meet-and-greet pass for him but forgot. Jesse was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to give David his gifts or even get to meet him. He even neglected to talk to Jeff about it in his first encounter with him –Ed.)

I really have to stop doubting myself because I am the freaking man! HA… Hunted down Jeff and got a pass from him, and kinda out from under another lady. But I got her in later. I talked with David a bunch, even sang along with his random singing, (he thought that was funny). He absolutely loved the CD I made him, but didn’t get a chance to look at the other gift.

I talked with Jeff a lot. They have to make a ‘school decision’ about David tomorrow and Jeff is not on the same page as others in Team Archie (ha, a little inside information). That guy is way too easy to talk to. I was just standing there with Jeff and we were both just watching David interact with all kinds of people, and I turned to him and said, “Wow, I feel like I’m watching YouTube in 3D.” He loved that and started to actually point out some of the more obsessed fans there, and in particular some of the “mom” types. He was so funny about them being so ‘into’ David and totally referenced it as being in THAT way.  He said, “Oh, well, its harmless,” then added, “Well, maybe not for their husbands!” and then we both kinda laughed. I’m pretty sure he knew I had a little man crush on his son, but I also think that doesn’t really bother him. I mean, why else would I be bringing him presents…? HA!

I sort of punched David in the arm before planning to leave the after-party, and then he kinda giggled, and I was like “comehere you!” kinda jokingly, and gave him a hug. He was laughing the whole time. Then I realized that the room was me, the girl and her mom that I helped get it, Brooke, Jeff, Chikezie, and Carly…And David… And security was getting them ready to go outside to sign autographs for the crowd of about 1000 people. Security made us wait with them and all walk out together to a sea of camera flashes. So weird! Then David and all were on to Round Two.

I hung around and took about 20 pics of David with my camera phone, but I was waiting for my brother (he was giving me a ride). When I saw my brother’s car I kinda muscled my way up to David (in the middle of a picture with some cougar), and said “Hey David, thanks for everything! My ride’s here…”  He looks up from the picture and says, “Oh yeah, oh, hey, thank you, actually!” I kinda laughed and then he shocked me and said, “Okay, see ya later, Jesse!”…Frickin’ remembered my name! Everybody around kinda looked at me like ‘Whaaaa’?

I felt pretty cool.